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What Every Leader This Year Needs to Know

A 14-minute video must see video for all leaders.


Most leaders fret over discipline issues and although they can be trying, having an effective discipline process in place is a powerful tool in turning behavioral “problems” into “opportunities.”

Learn more in this audio session. You can also see the Children’s Ministry’s discipline process HERE.

Effective Teaching

When you teach there are two questions you need to ask: 

  • What am I going to teach?
  • How am I going to teach it? 

Many people never ask the second question. They stop at knowing what they are going to teach and as a result they present the truths of Scripture in the least effect way which is the teacher talking and the kids listening. The Bible is powerful and true but sometimes the way we teach it diminishes how kids will remember and respond to it. In this video session you will learn several important tools for teaching the Bible in a way that connects. The message doesn’t change but the methods do.

Connecting with Kids

eaching isn’t about covering a lesson but connecting the truths of Scripture to kids. Think about your favorite teachers at school or at church when you were a kid. You probably don’t remember a single lesson they taught but the reason you remember them is because of how they related to you. Relationship is the key. Children might come to church for a few days because of an exciting program but they stay because of relationship. Knowing this, get to know your kids. Learn their names. The video session below is going to give you a few ideas about how you can effectively connect with the kids at your VBS.

The Power of Control Tools

A control tool is a powerful re-focusing tool. It is a way of drawing children back into a small or large group discussion without having to say, “Listen up,” Hush,” or “Eyes up here,” and it is a great transition between activities. The most common and most effective control tool is any question you ask the kids to which they give a response. They might yell some responses, whisper others, and might even use an accent or a funny voice. Control tools re-focus the kids on the leader, teaches them an important point, and is a thousand times better and more effective than shushing your kids.

Leading Crafts

Would you be surprised to learn that leading crafts in VBS is not about the crafts? 

Watch this video and discover the power of crafts in VBS and how to be intentional about what really matters.

Leading Snacks

As a VBS snack leader it’s easy to begin to focus on the snacks instead of the kids. This short introduction aims at helping you be intentional about what really matters.

Sharing Your Salvation Story

Your salvation story is simply your testimony about how you came to Jesus. 

Stop reading for a minute and think about when you were saved. 

Now listen to the audio training and then take time to read the text below that will help you better understand how to effectively share the greatest story of your life–your salvation testimony.

Click HERE for more in-depth training.

How to Lead a Child to Christ

Click HERE to use a simple slide presentation to share the Gospel with a child. Yes, you can even sit down with a child during VBS and simply scroll through the images to share the plan of salvation.

Click HERE to learn more about sharing the Gospel on a child’s level or watch the video below to see Kolby using the same simple drawing to share the plan of salvation.

The Power of a Balloon Animal

Balloon animals are a great tool to draw kids, illustrate spiritual truth and create opportunities to share the Gospel. Learn more about how to effectively use balloon animals in your VBS.

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