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Treasure Quest

You Will Need: 

  • Hidden clues to the treasure
  • Something to be the treasure such as a candy bar or a coupon for an ice cream cone, etc. Be creative.
  • A Bible marked at Psalm 119:11


Copy the following clues on individual slips or pieces of paper. Then hide all but the first one at their designated spots. Tell your children that you’re sending them on a treasure hunt.

CLUE #1 

Don’t hide this one. This is the first clue you’ll give to your children.

Search the backs of closet doors for Clue #2.

CLUE #2 

Hide this on the back of a closet door.

Go to a mirror to look for Clue #3.


Hide this on a mirror.

Go to a toilet to look for Clue #4.


Hide this on top of a toilet lid.

Go to a bed to look for Clue #5.


Hide this on or in a bed.

Go to the shower to look for Clue #6.


Hide this in the shower.

Go to the kitchen to look for Clue #7.


Hide this somewhere in the kitchen.

Look under a shoe for Clue #8.


Hide this underneath a shoe.

Try to get around Dad (or Mom) and to the couch to find the treasure.


After the hunt is finished, sit down with your children.

ASK—Would it have been easier or harder to find the treasure without the instructions?

ASK—What instructions has God given us as a guide for living?

SAY—The Bible is God’s instruction book on how to live life and you’ll never find what you’re looking for in life unless you follow Jesus and what He says in the Bible. Listen to what the Bible says about how to stay away from doing bad things.

Read Psalm 119:11 from your Bible.

PRAY—List prayer requests and thank God for Jesus and the Bible and for giving us instruction on how to live. 

FOR EXTRA FUN—Get a box of brownies but don’t use the instructions. Let your kids choose how much of each ingredient to add, at what temperature to cook them and for how long. It’ll probably make a mess. Then talk to your kids about how we make a mess in our lives when we don’t follow God’s instructions. Then cook a batch of good brownies following the instructions.

Little Jo No

I’ll tell you the story of little boy Joe,

Who disobeyed his parents and always said no.

“Take out the trash,” his father would say.

But Joe would just laugh and then walk away.

“Pick up your toys,” his mother would tell.

But Joe would snap back with a mind-numbing yell.

“No! No! No!” he’d always cry,

With a deep reddened face and a squint of the eye.

He’d pout out his chin. He’d puff out his cheeks.

At times they would stay fixed for several weeks.

But something was happening to little boy Joe.

He’d get a little smaller each time he said no.

Then one day he stood at the door,

And the knob seemed higher than ever before.

He looked in the mirror to check out his height,

And to his great horror he knew he was right.

He was shrinking, yes sir, everyday,

Inches by inches, he was growing away.

“Joe, brush your teeth,” his mother did call.

But Joe threw up his arms and stormed down the hall.

“No! No! No!” as he ran he did holler,

And that’s when he realized he’d just gotten smaller.

“Come here right now,” came the words of his mother.

So Joe plugged up his ears with a pillow and cover.

“No! No! No!” he said without thinking.

Then he looked around. Now he was shrinking.

He was the size of a dog or a little bit smaller,

But that didn’t stop him, he continued to holler.

“Open this door,” the father spoke to the boy.

“No! No! No!” He was the size of a toy.

“You cannot make me,” came Joe’s boo-who.

“And I’ll never do it.” He was the size of a shoe.

“Never! No! Never!” came his last plea.

Then no one heard him. He was the size of a flea.

Little boy Joe learned a lesson that day:

You must watch your mouth and the words that you say.

So Joe decided to be a good boy.

Then with the wink of an eye, he was the size of a toy.

“Yes, mother,” he said. “I’ll brush my teeth.”

Zip-bang-zip. He’d grown beyond his belief.

Now he was nearly as tall as the bed.

The words, “I’ll obey you,” rang in his head.

“I’ll do what you say,” he muttered at last.

Then he shot up with a mind-soaring blast.

He was normal again or so he could see.

Yet something was different. How could that be?

He’d learned a big lesson, during that day,

To do what he’s told, and always obey.

Then it struck him as clear as a bell:

BIG boys don’t scream or holler or yell.

“No” is a word that you say to a stranger,

Or to someone else who might put you in danger.

“I’ve learned my lesson,” he said with delight.

“I’ll obey my parents. I’m a BIG boy tonight.”


The Bible says in Colossians 3:20, “Children, obey your parents in all things, for this pleases the Lord.”

D.I.V.E. Devotions – Mark 3:7-4:25

Dig In
–Dig in and enjoy God’s Word. What should I read in the Bible today?

Answer these questions each day…

–What did you see? What did you hear?

–What did you learn? What should you do?

–Examine yourself as you pray. What will you pray?