Fake Snowball Fight

You will need:

Get Started

Have an inside “snowball” fight using large marshmallow. You may want to outline certain boundaries, such as not going in bedrooms, etc. Or, if you desire, you can play all over the house. You can even play a hide-and-seek version. Have fun and don’t worry about marshmallows going everywhere. Messes last a little while; memories last a lifetime. 

(NOTE: If you don’t want to use marshmallows, use wadded up pieces of paper.)

After your game, gather your family around and continue with the following:

ASK—Did anybody get hit by a marshmallow they didn’t see coming?

SAY—In life sometimes you get hit by a temptation you didn’t see coming.

ASK—What is an example of temptation? (Being tempted to cheat on a test, etc.)

ASK—Is it wrong to be tempted? (No. Temptation is not wrong, but if you give into the temptation, that’s sin. Jesus was tempted, but He overcame it.)

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13 from your Bible.

SAY—God always makes a way for you to escape from temptation. So the next time you’re being tempted, talk to Jesus and ask Him for the strength to do what’s right. Then let your love for Jesus overcome the temptation because those who love Jesus, obey Him.

ASK—As New Year gets closer, let’s find ways we can live for Jesus all the way every day this next year. What are some changes each of us could make to walk closer with God this next year? 

PRAY—Thank God for always making a way to escape from temptation.