Hit or Miss

You Will Need: 

  • Items to make something that shoots at a target. It could be a shoe you sling through the air at a hula-hoop or a chalk circle you drew on your patio. Or, a paper airplane you throw and try to get it into a trash can, or a water balloon you toss at a certain brick on your house, etc. You can be very creative with this and you can even play more than one style of “hit and miss”.
  • A Bible marked at Romans 6:23


Let family members take turns shooting at the target, but every time they (or you) miss, say “That’s like Sin.”

When you’re finished, ask your family:

ASK—What’s sin? (Anything wrong.)

ASK—Why do you think I was saying, “That’s like Sin?”

SAY—Sin means to miss the mark or to miss the target. God is perfect and we miss the mark of God’s perfection (His holiness) every time we sin.

ASK—What are some ways we sin? 

ASK—What do you think the punishment for sin is ? (Death.)

Read Romans 6:23 from your Bible.

SAY—The punishment for sin is death. This is the reason that Jesus came to earth and lived a perfect life. Then when He died on the cross, since He was perfect and didn’t deserve to die, God punished Him for all the wrong things you and I would ever do. He took the punishment for our sins so that He can forgive our sins if we give our lives to Him. This is the only way to be forgiven and the only way to go to heaven.

PRAY—List prayer requests and thank Jesus for dying to make a way to take your sins away.