Showing Something New

You Will Need: 

  • An old comic book or newspaper
  • White Silly Putty or you can make your own with the following items: A container, white glue, liquid starch, and a spoon 
  • A Bible marked at Matthew 5:16

If you don’t have these items: You can use a mirror to reflect light using the same DISCUSSION below. Take turns reflecting light at different targets. Who are some people who need to see the light of Jesus?


Mix two parts glue with one part liquid starch. Stir well.


Keep adding starch one spoonful at a time, while working it with your fingers, until it becomes a putty-like mixture.


Put the putty onto an old comic book or newspaper. Press down and then peel it off. What changed?

SAY—The putty didn’t show anything until you pressed it against the comic book or newspaper. Now it shows whatever words or pictures you pressed it on. 


SAY—In the same way, once people meet Jesus (give their lives to Him), they become a reflection of who He is.

Read the verses below and think about ways you show Jesus to others who don’t know Him.

Read Matthew 5:16 from your Bible.

PRAY—And thank God that He can use you as a light to show His life and love to others.


ASK—What kind of difference do you think Jesus makes in your life?

ASK—How do you think people around you every day see the difference Jesus makes?

ASK—How can you tell others about the difference Jesus can make in their lives?

Read Matthew 5:13-16