Toothpaste Squeeze

You Will Need: 


Gather your family around. Then squeeze out a good amount of toothpaste on a plate.

ASK—Do you think you can get it all back inside the tube?

Give each family member a chance to try. Some may try scooping it back in; Some may ask for scissors to cut it open and put it back. Just tell them no if you don’t want to ruin the toothpaste tube; still others may want to lick all the toothpaste off the plate and use their mouth to put it back. This is actually quite funny although if they push too hard, toothpaste may begin to come out of their nose—This really happened once!

ASK—Is it possible to get all the toothpaste back inside?  (No.)

SAY—The toothpaste is kind of like your words. Once something comes out of your mouth, you can’t take it back. So if you don’t mean it, or you don’t plan to follow through with it, don’t say it. Every word you say should be as trustworthy as a promise. 

ASK—Did God ever make promises?  (Yes, the Bible is full of promises for you.)

ASK—Can you name a promise that God made?  (Nothing can separate you from His love; He will never leave you; That you’re going to heaven once you’ve given your life to Jesus; etc.)

SAY—God also promised that a Savior would be born.

Read Isaiah 9:6 from your Bible.

SAY—This is talking about Jesus. God sent Jesus to be the Savior of the world and the Bible also tells us how to accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior.

Read Romans 10:13 from your Bible.

SAY—The best thing anyone can ever do with their mouth is to pray and give their lives to Jesus.

PRAY—List prayer requests and thank God for Jesus and how wonderful He is. Thank God for always keeping His promises.