Walking in Darkness

You Will Need: 


Take turns blindfolding each member of the family to see if they can walk from one end of the house to the other without touching anything. The second time you do this, let each person have a guide to help him. 

ASK—Which was easier—having a guide or not having a guide? 

SAY—Did you know that Christians—those who have given their lives to Jesus—become guides for those who don’t know Christ, to lead others to Him. 

Read 2 Corinthians 4:4 from your Bible.

SAY—The Bible says that those who don’t know Jesus are blind to the things of God. That’s the reason they need someone to show them the way to Christ so He can bring His light and love into their lives.

Read Acts 16:16-34 from your Bible.

ASK—How did Paul and Silas get the chance to share Jesus with the jailer?  (Through several bad things that happened, including being beaten and put in jail. God will always give you the strength to live for Him.)

KEY—God can even use the bad things that happen to you to give you the chance to show His light and love to others.

PRAY—That God will use every member of your family to be a guide to lead others to Jesus.


ASK—What can you do to make God stop loving you?  (Nothing.)

ASK—Once you’ve given your life to Jesus, what can separate you from the love of Christ?  (Nothing—not even you.)

Read Romans 8:35 and 38