Whatever! (You Do)

You Will Need: 


SAY—We’re going to play a game and here are the rules: In a moment I’m going to say something that I did today, then we’re going to go around the circle and everyone else is going to say something they did today. Then when it gets back to me, I’m going to keep going. We’ll keep going around and around but here’s the catch—if you take longer than 3 seconds to come up with something you did today, then your out. 

Read Colossians 3:17 from your Bible.

SAY—According to this verse, everything we just named we should have done in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the Father through Him. 

ASK—What do you think this verse means? (That no matter what you say or do, you should always be living for Jesus with a thankful heart.)

ASK—Are there any of your actions today that didn’t glorify God?

ASK—Are there any of your words today that didn’t glorify God?

ASK—What are some ways we can give thanks to God? (Through prayer, in our actions, in our words, in our attitude, in how we respond to situations—especially situations where we didn’t get what we wanted or things didn’t go the way we desired.)

SAY—Because Jesus died and rose again, we live for him in everything we say and do and always give thanks to God through Him. 


SAY—We’re going to play another game. It’s actually the same game we played before except instead of naming things we did today, we’re going to name things we said today. 

Re-Read Colossians 3:17 from your Bible.

PRAY—Take Prayer requests and pray together…Pray that your family live for Jesus everyday in everything they say and do and always have an attitude to thanks.