Sometimes an idea has to slap you in the face; it’s the only way providence can get your undivided attention. “It was a beautiful Lake Michigan day–puffy white clouds, light breeze, not too hot,” recalls 23-year-old Joanne Marlowe. “I was pretty depressed about my business, and decided to walk across the street to the beach, something I had never had time for. I laid out my towel. To pamper myself, I spent a lot of time putting on suntan oil. Just as I stretched out, a gust of wind picked up the towel and covered me in sand. I hit the roof. A friend said, ‘Joanne, instead of getting angry, why don’t you figure out a fix?’ So instead of relaxing on the beach, I spent the day coming up with prototypes in my mind.” Eight weeks later she introduced a line of weighted beach towels and sold 4.5 million dollars worth of them, out of her house, within the first year.1 


Dear brothers and sisters, whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy. (James 1:2 NLT) 


What do you do when life throws you a lemon? Why not make lemonade? What do you do when winds of trouble blow your towel away? Make a weighted towel. Have you had any wind or lemons in your life lately? How can this week’s verse make a difference in your life? When discipline problems arise in your class, how do you view them? Is it a burden or is it an opportunity? Discipline problems are never just “problems” to be overcome or set aside but opportunities to meet a child’s need individually and to make a difference in his life. 

Your thoughts?


When the ice cream melts, make a malt.