A Later Tater

As far as potatoes go,

There’s one thing you should know,

You don’t want to be a later tater.

You’ve heard of tater tots before,

And the mashed potatoes that I adore,

But have you heard of a later tater?

You’ve heard of a demonstrator,

Maybe a reconciliator,

Perhaps you’ve filled a radiator,

But have you heard of a later tater?

What’s a later tater, you say?

It’s someone who’s late every day.

That’s what we call a later tater.

But I’ll tell you something that’s really fine,

Someone who is always on time.

So please don’t be a later tater.


Punctuality has nothing to do with “punching.” Punctuality means being on time. Someone who is punctual is considerate of other people by arriving when they said they would.

Did you know that Jesus said He is coming back to earth? He never said exactly when He would come again, but you can trust that at the right time, He is coming back. The angels who were with Him when he ascended into heaven after He rose from the dead said, “This Jesus, who was received up from you into the sky will come back in the same way as you saw him going into the sky.” (Acts 1:11).