Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I said, “God bless you.”

You should’ve seen it.

Today I said, “Have a good day,”

But I didn’t really mean it.

Today I said, “Johnny, I like your shoes,”

Then I laughed under my breath.

Then I laughed out loud to my friends,

Right after he left.

Today I said, “Sue, I’ll keep your secret,”

Then I listened real close,

But after she was gone,

It’s what I said the most.

I say, “You can trust me,”

To each of my friends,

But it keeps proving false,

Time and again.

Now they don’t trust,

Anything I say.

I seem to loose a friend,

Each and every day.


Your Friend


Someone who is sincere can be trusted because everything they say to you will be true. Who is someone in your life that you know will always tell you the truth? You trust them because they’ve never lied to you and you know that they never will. That’s sincerity. You can be sincere too by always telling the truth and being honest with everyone everyday. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:25, “Therefore putting away falsehood, speak truth each one with his neighbor…”