Golden Rule

Do you want Marcus to stomp on your toes,

Or stick his little finger up your nose,

Or squirt you with a water hose,

Or tell your secrets so everyone knows?

Do you want Thomas to tell a lie,

So that it hurts your feelings and makes you cry,

Or throw sand in your face that gets in your eye,

Or say you’re a real mean, nasty guy?

Would you like for Christy to throw food in your drink,

Or to tell the world that your feet stink,

Or knock you down at the skating rink,

Or call you a name like a Lying Fink?

Do you like it when friends don’t follow through,

With promises they made to you,

Or in your chair, they pour some glue,

So your pants get stuck and you can’t stand when your through?

Do you like for others to cheat at a game,

Or do something wrong and then give you the blame,

Or call you a real hurtful name?

Then why would you do to them the same?

If you don’t want these things done to you,

Then why would you do them to another?

So do good, tell the truth and be kind,

The Bible says to love each other.

(Yes, that even means your sister or your brother!)

Treating Others Right

In Matthew 7:12, Jesus said for you to treat others the way you want them to treat you. He doesn’t want you to treat others the way they treat you, but the way you want them to treat you. So if you want others to share with you, you should share with them. If you want others to be kind to you, you should be kind to them. If you want others to talk good about you, you should talk good about them. This is God’s way of living.