The Girl who Liked to Talk

Once there lived a girl,

Who really like to talk.

She’d talk real soft,

She’d talk real loud,

She talk to herself,

She’d talk in a crowd.

She’d talk in the morning,

She’d talk when it was late,

She’d talk every minute,

Even while she ate.

She couldn’t go a second,

Without making a peep.

She talked all the time,

Even in her sleep.

Then she lost her voice,

And there was no talking or yelling.

There was no screaming, no chatting,

And no fun, story telling.

She was quiet at last,

But she learned a ton.

She listened and found,

That listening was fun.

Now she talks,

But she always listens too.

Her talking-all-the-time days,

Are finally through.


Some people never take time to stop, be quiet and listen for God’s voice. Sometimes God speaks to you through the Bible. Sometimes God speaks to you through someone else. And sometimes God speaks to you through His Holy Spirit. This is like a voice inside the stillness of your heart and what He says will always line up with His Word. So… shhhhhhhh… take time to be quiet and pray and think about God.

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 7, “For everything there is a season… A time to keep silence, and a time to speak.”