What If

If there was no gravity,

Your dog could fly.

He’d need no wings,

To jump to the sky.

There he goes, up real high.

Wait! He’s going too far.

Time to say Good-bye.

If there was no night,

You’d never have to go to bed.

You’d never see the moon, all right,

And never lay down your head.

Wait! It would always be light, you say?

And no dreaming would be creepy?

Suddenly, I think I’ll take a nap.

I’m feeling kind of sleepy.

What if dogs could talk,

And frogs taught school?

What if a dragon lived,

In your swimming pool?

What if the sky was green,

And we all ate trees?

What if we had twelve legs,

And twenty-four knees?

What if people lived,

under the ground?

And could dig as fast,

As the speed of sound?

What if people lived,

A million years?

And we never cried,

Cause we had no tears?

What if we could fly to the sky,

And on a cloud, build a town?

What if, instead of growing up,

People grew down?

If all this were true,

It would cause a big fuss.

But what if God,

Didn’t love us?

That would scare me more,

Than the world’s biggest rat.

But I’m so glad,

I don’t have to worry about that.


There are a lot of “what ifs” and questions in life, but there are some things that you never have to question such as: God will always love you. The Bible will always be true. Jesus will never let you down. And when bad things happen, here’s a promise to which you can cling. Jesus said in Matthew 28:20, “…I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” So, have no fear, Jesus is near.