Dino Game, part 4 – Even Faster!

In the beginning, did you know that God created the world with an upper and lower layer of water? In other words, it probably didn’t rain until the Flood in Noah’s time. Every day the earth was watered by dew. So what does this have to do with dinosaurs. Check back next week for the great explanation of how God created dinosaurs and how they lived at the same time as Man–that’s right, with Adam and Eve, how they were on the Ark with Noah and his family, how even David mentioned one in the Psalms, and how this layer of water scientifically explains it all.

For now, enjoy this game. We’ve cranked up the speed to a 20!

And if you want to play slower versions, go HERE and click on any of the previous weeks.

How to play

  • Use the space bar or up key on your keyboard to jump over the obstacles.
  • The down key lets you crouch under the overhead obstacles.
  • When viewing from mobile tap on the game area to jump.
  • Each week the speed will increase…Have fun!