A House of Cards

You Will Need: 


Make a tower or house out of dominoes. Then make a tower or house of cards. Trying blowing them down. 

ASK—Which one fell easier? Why?

SAY—A house of cards falls easily. The smallest touch and down it comes. This is like a Christian who doesn’t keep his eyes on Jesus. He starts looking at the things of the world or tough situations or what other people say and before long, just like Peter walking on the water in Matthew 14:22-33, he starts to sink.

SAY—The tower of dominoes, though, didn’t fall so easy. This is like a believer who trusts God and keeps his heart fixed on Him. Someone who trusts Jesus and walks with Him regardless of what happens or what people say or how bad things may seem, will have a rock-solid faith that will help them do anything God wants them to do (like Peter walking on the water).

Read Matthew 7:24-27 from your Bible.

ASK—Which one is more like the house of cards: The man who built his house on sand or on the rock?

ASK—Which one is more like the tower of dominoes: The man who built his house on sand or on the rock?

KEY—The person who obeys God and trusts Him will have a rock-solid faith that is the foundation on which God wants you to build your life.

PRAY—Thank God for giving you a faith that can’t be shaken by the things of this world. Give thanks that with God all things are possible.


ASK—What do you think a person feels like when they take their eyes off Jesus? (Empty. Lonely. In trouble, etc.)

ASK—Do you know anyone going through a hard time? 

ASK—If you do, or when you do, what can you do to help them fix their eyes on Christ?

Read Galatians 6:1