Ice Cube Melt

You will need:

  • An ice cube or a small ice sickle for each child 
  • A Bible marked at Luke 22:39-44

Get Started
Give each family member an ice cube and race to see who can melt theirs the fastest by holding it in their hand. (NOTE: Be sure to tell them that if it feels too cold, it’s okay to stop.)

ASK—Did you ever feel like giving up?
SAY—I’m going to read a story to you out of the Bible about a time when Jesus didn’t give up.

Read Luke 22:39-44 from your Bible.

ASK—When Jesus said “cup” what do you think He was talking about?

SAY—This happened just before Jesus died. He was referring to all the pain and suffering He had to endure to pay the price for our sins. Even though He was born to be the Savior of the world and even though He was perfect, it still didn’t make it easy for Him to take the punishment for everybody’s wrongdoings. But this is how much He loves you—That he suffered and died to make a way to forgive your sins and to make a way for you to go to heaven.

SAY—This is the real meaning of Christmas. God gave His Son to save us. This makes Jesus the greatest gift of all.

PRAY—Thank Jesus for enduring suffering and death to be the Savior of the world and for being the greatest gift of all.