You Will Need: 


TELL your child that you are going to throw an item to him and you want him to catch it and throw it back. Do this several times.

ASK—What does it mean to “cast” something? (“Casting” is another way of saying “throwing.”)

SAY—We are going to read about something that God wants us to throw His way.

Read Psalm 55:22 from your Bible.

ASK—What does God want you to “cast” on Him? (Our cares.)

ASK—What does it say God will do if we cast our care on Him? (He will sustain you.) What does that mean?

SAY—“Sustain” comes from a Latin word that literally means “to hold below.” 

Have one person stand in front of you. Ask them to wobble. Then take hold of them to keep them steady. 

SAY—In the same way that I held him steady, God sustains us which means He supports us, supplies us with what we need and keeps us steady from falling.

SAY—Sometimes the worries and cares of this world drag us down, but we can cast our cares on God and He will sustain us. 

ASK—What else did the verse say God will do? (He will never let the righteous fall.)


TOSS the item back and forth again but each time you throw it, say a care or worry that someone might have. 

ASK—What are some cares or worries that you have? What about your friends?

TOSS the item back and forth again. This time with each throw say something for which you are thankful.

ASK—God wants us to always have a thankful heart but how can you give thanks when you’re facing tough situations?

SAY—We can always give thanks, no matter what, because we trust in God. He takes care of us and sustains us.

SAY—Before we pray I want to read one more verse. 

Read 1 Peter 5:7 from your Bible.

SAY—Because God is so good and Jesus died and rose again for us, we can cast our cares on Him. And because we know how God will take care of us, we can always give thanks no matter what we’re facing.

PRAY—Take turns praying and let each member of your family tell God about a care or worry (something that concerns them)—something they are giving to Him. For example, “Dear Lord, Grandma is sick. Please help her to get better. I give this to you. In Jesus’ Name—Amen.” Then go around again and let each person tell God something for which they are thankful. For example, “Thank you, Lord, for caring for me.”