There was a blurb in the Los Angeles Times several years ago which related a story about a guy who returned to the house where he grew up as a young man. He had been away for 20 years before returning to his former home. He found his way up into the attic and found a jacket that had not gone with him in the move. It had been had left there for 20 years. He put it on and put his hands in the pockets. He felt a piece of paper and he pulled it out. It was a receipt for a pair of shoes that he had taken in to be repaired some 20 years ago and had forgotten to pick up. So on a whim he went to the shoe repair shop that used to be in his neighborhood and sure enough, it was still there with the same guy still working behind the counter that worked there 20 years ago. So he reached into his jacket, pulled out the receipt and handed it to the man behind the counter. The man went back to the work area, returned to the counter and said to the guy in the jacket, they’ll be ready Friday.1 


Always be ready to defend your confidence in God when anyone asks you to explain it. However, make your defense with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3:15 GWT) 


How important is it to be prepared? It’s not that critical in the eternity of things if your shoes aren’t done on time, but it is essential that you are prepared spiritually for the kids and parents to whom you minister each week. What steps can you take this week to be better prepared spiritually for those to whom you minister? 

Your thoughts?


Everything that has happened in your life thus far works in you to prepare you to share Christ with those who surround you.